840.50/2–545: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador in the United Kingdom (Winant)

891. For the Ambassador and Hawkins.11 Rosenman Mission expects to depart for London by air from Washington about February 8th. Tentative plan is to remain in London approximately 2 weeks before departure for Paris and thereafter Belgium and Netherlands. Judge Samuel I. Rosenman, Special Counsel to the President, is undertaking mission as President’s personal representative with rank of Minister. Attached to him as members of mission are William Taylor of Treasury, Rupert Emerson, Chief, Liberated Areas Division of FEA and Daggett Howard also of FEA, Lt. Col. James Davis of Civil Affairs Division, War Department, Livingston T. Merchant, Chief, War Areas Division and Dudley M. Phelps, Associate Chief, Division of Financial and Monetary Affairs, both latter of the Department.

True reading of President’s instructions to Judge Rosenman dated January 22 and classified secret is as follows:

“In addition to your position as Special Counsel to the President, I want you to undertake a mission to the United Kingdom, France, Belgium and the Netherlands as my personal representative with the rank of Minister.

On this mission I want you to examine and report to me the steps to be taken in the joint interests of our country and the fighting Allies in winning the war with respect to the flow of vital supplies other than finished munitions to these countries.

I would also like to ascertain what the needs of these countries will be for supplies and services to repair the destruction and devastation of the war and to build some of the economic foundations of peace in terms of possible credits or other financial assistance at hand or through recommendations for appropriate legislation.”

Tentative estimated duration of Mission 6 weeks to 2 months. Sent to London—Netherlands Series—Brussels and Paris.

  1. Harry C. Hawkins, Counselor of Embassy for Economic Affairs.