840.24/1–2645: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the United States Political Adviser for Germany (Murphy)

65. As a result of the discussions on shipping connected with Richard Law’s recent trip to Washington, certain interim arrangements were made leading toward the establishment of supplementary programs for the liberated countries and the provision of some additional shipping. SACMED5 is being advised that a program of UNRRA6 imports for the first quarter 1945 has been endorsed by the US and UK authorities in order to permit planning procurement and shipping. One ship has been allocated for February loading, subject to military necessities, and one for March for the delivery of UNRRA supplies to Italy from North America. A review is being made of ship allocations for the period subsequent to March and later advice will be sent. SACMED is authorized to receive these vessels subject to his clearance of port and inland transportation capacity. Inform Rome.

  1. Supreme Allied Commander, Mediterranean.
  2. For documentation on participation of the United States in the work of the United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation. Administration during 1945, see pp. 958 ff.