740.00119 Council/8–1545

The British Chargé ( Balfour ) to the Secretary of State

My Dear Mr. Secretary: I have been instructed by the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs2 to give you the following message:

“I am greatly looking forward to seeing you here in London for the opening sessions of the Council of Foreign Ministers. I suggest that the first meeting of Foreign Secretaries should take place on Monday, September 3rd, but it would be convenient if Delegations could arrive in London at least by September 1st in order to establish contact with each other and in order that deputies could meet together to discuss procedure and prepare agenda for the first meeting of Foreign Secretaries.3

I suggest that the first item on the Agenda should be the preparation of the Peace Treaty with Italy,4 and in order to make early progress I hope to circulate to my colleagues in advance the British draft proposals for the Political Sections of the Treaty. I hope at the opening sessions of the Council in September we could also discuss the other subjects referred at Potsdam to the Council, i.e.

Preparation of Peace Treaties with Hungary, Roumania, Bulgaria and Finland.5
Withdrawal of troops from Persia.
Disposal of Italian colonies.
International waterways.7

In view of developments in the Far East it will no doubt be essential to discuss the questions relating to Japan.

I should greatly welcome your observations on these suggestions and I should be glad to know whether there are any further subjects which you would like to discuss.

I am sending a similar message to Russian, French and Chinese Foreign Ministers.”

If you will give me your observations in due course, I shall be glad to transmit them to Mr. Bevin.

I have [etc.]

John Balfour
  1. Ernest Bevin.
  2. At the suggestion of the Secretary of State, the opening of the Conference was postponed. The first meeting was held on September 11.
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