840.50 UNRRA Personnel/6–1145: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador in the United Kingdom (Winant)

5089. While Dept would have preferred some alternative phraseology omitting term “government” with reference to destination of [Page 987] Hoxha regime in proposed UNRRA–Albanian relief agreement (Caserta’s 2580 June 11, repeated to London as 159), it appreciates need of avoiding further delay in conclusion of agreement. Having in mind this consideration, and in view of agreement by FonOff83 to formula suggested by UNRRA representatives Robertson and Cohen as well as fact that position of this Govt on the question of recognition is safeguarded by inclusion of saving clause, Dept assents to formula in question, which is understood to read as follows:

“Whereas the National Liberation Government (hereinafter referred to as the Government) exercises administrative authority in Albania within the meaning of Resolution One of the Council of the Administration and the Administration has accordingly entered into negotiations with the said Government on that account and entirely without prejudice to the political question of recognition by the member governments of the Administration …”.

Dept has notified UNRRA officials here of willingness to accept the above passage. You may make available to UNRRA representatives now in London substance of foregoing message.

Sent to London; repeated to Ampolad Caserta and Amrep Tirana.84

  1. British Foreign Office.
  2. Repeated to Caserta as 612, and to Tirana as 21.