840.50 UNRRA/1–1945

Memorandum by the Chief of the Division of Eastern European A fairs (Durbrow) to the Assistant Secretary of State (Acheson)

Mr. Acheson: It is my feeling that we should not accept Mr. Klentsov’s point of view in regard to UNRRA plans to obtain supplies in neutral countries.

UNRRA was set up as a purely humanitarian organization to assist various peoples who have suffered from German aggression and was established as an international organization in order to prevent as much as possible political considerations from creeping into these purely humanitarian activities. There is no question but that the position taken by Mr. Klentsov is motivated by purely political considerations.

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Moreover, with the supply and shipping situation being as it is and the need for relief increasing daily, UNRRA should be permitted to obtain supplies from any available sources without regard to any political considerations whatsoever.

It is my feeling that we should make this very clear to Mr. Klentsov in a most firm manner.

Elbridge Durbrow