800.515/7–2045: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Minister in Sweden ( Johnson )

1469. Following are views of Safehaven authorities on your 2544 July 20 (your 1438 to London, 36 to Moscow):

Introductory statement as to period in which Safehaven agreement shall remain in force is too vague. We suggest it be amended to read “as long as it is deemed necessary by US and UK Govts in consultation with Swedish Govt.”

4. (a): You are commended on presentation of argument for dual census. You might point out to Swedes that while investigation of [Page 894] all transactions since 1939 might be administratively impossible, dual census would greatly facilitate investigation of suspicious cases.

(b): Our objective would be accomplished by Swedish Govt making available results of census. However you should reserve right to see actual forms on specific cases in which you have particular interest.

Request you insist letter Swedish Govt proposes to write you contain statement of Swedish adherence to two declarations and Resolution VI. We should have preferred public declaration by Swedish Govt, of their adherence as was done by Span[ish] and Port[uguese] Govts, and failing this we think it entirely reasonable to require such adherence in secret letter. Request you to submit verbatim text of letter before accepting it.

We do not agree that Swedish acceptance of our Safehaven requests justifies deletion of German firms from Proclaimed List even should we be satisfied Swedish control is effective. So long as PL is maintained, there is little likelihood a German firm will be deleted unless it is completely liquidated. Swedes should not appoint interveners to administer such firms. Consistent with policy stated Deptel 1416, July 24,89 (6100 to London, 167 to Moscow) administration or liquidation should be conducted under your guidance by your appointees and salaries paid out of firms’ assets. No objection your appointing Swedish nationals. Dept suggests you submit estimate of personnel which will be needed to perform Legation’s supervisory functions.

Sent to Stockholm. Repeated to London as 6367 and to Moscow as 1709. Repeated by airgram to Paris, Lisbon, Madrid, Bern, Ankara, Tangier and Buenos Aires.

  1. Not printed.