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Memorandum by the Commanding General, Manhattan Engineer District (Groves), and the Chairman, British Advisory Committee on Atomic Energy (Anderson), to the Chairman of the Combined Policy Committee (Patterson)

We recommend that the following points be considered by the Combined Policy Committee in the preparation of a new document to replace the Quebec Agreement, which should be superseded in toto, together with all other understandings with the exception of the Combined Development Trust Agreement which should be revised in conformity with the new arrangements.

The three Governments, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada will not use atomic weapons against other parties without prior consultation with each other;
the three Governments agree not to disclose any information or enter into negotiations concerning atomic energy with other governments or authorities or persons in other countries except in accordance [Page 76] with agreed common policy or after due prior consultation with one another;
the three Governments will take measures so far as practicable to secure control and possession, by purchase or otherwise, of all deposits of uranium and thorium situated in areas comprising the United States, its territories or possessions, the United Kingdom, and Canada. They will also use every endeavor with respect to the remaining territories of the British Commonwealth, and other countries to acquire all available supplies of uranium and thorium. All supplies acquired under the provisions of this paragraph will be placed at the disposition of the Combined Development Trust.
The materials at the disposition of the trust shall be allocated to the three Governments in such quantities as may be needed, in the common interest, for scientific research, military, and humanitarian purposes. Such supplies as are not allocated for these purposes shall be held by the Combined Development Trust and their disposal shall be determined at a later date in the light of then existing conditions and on a fair and equitable basis.
There shall be full and effective cooperation in the field of basic scientific research among the three countries. In the field of development, design, construction, and operation of plants such cooperation, recognized as desirable in principle, shall be regulated by such ad hoc arrangements as may be approved from time to time by the Combined Policy Committee as mutually advantageous.
The Combined Policy Committee, already established and constituted so as to provide equal representation to the United States on the one hand and to the Governments of the United Kingdom and Canada on the other, shall carry out the policies provided for, subject to the control of the respective governments. To this end, the Committee shall:
Review from time to time the general program of work being carried out in the three countries.
Allocate materials in accordance with the principles set forth in the fourth paragraph above.
Settle any questions which may arise concerning the interpretation and application of arrangements regulating cooperation between the three Governments.

The above is to be understood as being without prejudice to the consideration by the Combined Policy Committee of any matters not covered in this memorandum.

Sir John Anderson

Leslie R. Groves

Maj. Gen. U.S. Army