800.515/7–1445: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador in the United Kingdom (Winant)48

5810. (1) Business enterprises in which important financial interests are owned or controlled by individuals or concerns in Germany; and important officials of these enterprises. In other American republics this would include all enterprises categorized as spearhead in character.

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(2) Persons who have acted as cloaks for German property outside of Germany; and those who have assisted Germans to dispose of looted property or flight capital.

(3) Those who have gone out of their way to assist enemy. In this connection following suggestions are made, though they must not be regarded as hard-and-fast rules:

Persons who have successfully passed goods on substantial scale to enemy through maritime blockade.
Persons who have engaged in trade which has substantially assisted enemy war effort and which is outside their normal business, e.g., Swiss watch makers who have manufactured fuses and fuse parts for Germany.
Persons who have greatly increased their trade with enemy in goods which are of great importance for conduct of war.
Persons who have imported goods of enemy origin in such abnormal volume as to create substantial amounts of foreign exchange or credits for enemy.
Persons who have acted on a substantial scale as intermediaries for enemy in transactions between neutral countries.
Persons who have played leading part in enemy political activities.

(4) Business enterprises and individuals publicly identified with enemy to extent their deletion would cause undesirable local reaction or would damage Replacement Program. This rule will be applicable mainly to Western Hemisphere.

(5) Notorious individuals commonly regarded as enemy collaborators.

(6) Business enterprises owned or controlled from Japan and persons listed because of offenses related to war against Japan.

  1. See telegram 5809, July 14, 5 p.m., to London, supra.