740.00112A EW/3–2845: Circular airgram

The Acting Secretary of State to Certain Diplomatic and Consular Officers 27

Inquiries have been received in the Department concerning commercial relations between firms in the Middle East area and entities in liberated areas.

It is highly unlikely that firms in the Middle East area will run afoul of our Proclaimed List policy in their dealings with the liberated areas. The Proclaimed List was not extended to such areas because during occupation trade with any person residing therein was completely proscribed. Post-liberation extension of the List as to these areas is not contemplated. For your confidential information, it is, and very likely will continue to be, this Government’s policy to leave to the governments of the Allied liberated countries the determination of the treatment of collaborators and control of possible enemy activity within them. They are also expected to establish controls designed to prevent trade and communication with the enemy and to coordinate such procedures with the economic warfare controls of the British and American Governments. Regarding ex-enemy countries, reliance must ultimately be placed on Allied controls.

This Government is working toward mutual observance of economic warfare controls by each of the liberated countries, including adoption or recognition of the Proclaimed List by them.

The Department suggests that you inform inquirers that they may deal with the liberated areas without fear of penalty, provided they do not knowingly violate any of the controls of this or any Allied government aimed at preventing benefit to the enemy.

  1. To the Diplomatic Officers at Cairo, Athens, Tehran, Baghdad, Damascus, Beirut, Jidda, and Addis Ababa; to the Consular Officers at Jerusalem, Salonika, and Aden. Airgram A–34, February 28, 1945, not printed, had been sent to Ankara.