Memorandum by Mr. Charles E. Bohlen, Member of the United States Delegation, of a Conversation Held at San Francisco, April 26, 1945, 10:20 a.m.

Present: The Secretary of State
Mr. Molotov
Ambassador Harriman
Ambassador Gromyko
Mr. Dunn
Mr. Bohlen
Mr. Sobolev
Mr. Pavlov

The Secretary said he asked to see Mr. Molotov to give him his opinion on the matter which Mr. Molotov had raised the day before yesterday.46 He said that first of all he wished to make it plain that that U.S. Government had always been fully prepared to live up wholeheartedly to the agreement reached at the Crimea in regard to the admission of White Russia and the Ukraine as initial members of the World Organization. The day before yesterday, Mr. Molotov had asked him as to his opinion of the attitude of the other countries at this Conference. He had then frankly told Mr. Molotov that he did not know. Since then he had had an opportunity to consult other Delegations and to ascertain their views, and that as a result of this work, he was now glad to be able to tell Mr. Molotov that he was confident that the Soviet proposal regarding the admission of these two Republics as initial members of the proposed Organization would be approved by the Steering Committee.

Mr. Molotov expressed his pleasure and gratitude for the Secretary’s statement. He then said that he would like to inquire as to the second phase of his question—invitations to attend the Conference.

The Secretary replied that this was another question and one for which he would need more time to consult with other Delegations before giving an answer. He advised Mr. Molotov not to press this second phase of the question but to delay it until a little later. He said he thought it could be arranged if some time was given.

  1. See memorandum of conversation by Mr. Bohlen, April 24, 5:45 p.m. p. 380.