RSC Lot 60–D 224

Memorandum by the Secretary of State to the Under Secretary of State (Grew)

Subject: Meeting with the President on Trusteeship.

The Secretary of War, Secretary of the Navy and I saw the President today to discuss with him the proposed policy on trusteeship.

I opened the meeting by saying that the Army, Navy, and the Department had been working for many months endeavoring to find a satisfactory solution to the question of trusteeships, maintaining our strategic bases in the Pacific and at the same time not being charged with annexation and expansionist policies. I stated that the papers which I handed to him58 were the result of much labor and had the endorsement of Secretary Stimson, Secretary Forrestal, and myself.

The President proceeded to read the memorandum very carefully and said he thought it gave him a clear understanding of the subject. He remarked that he had been asked at his last press conference about trusteeship and he wished to have it clear in his mind so that he could handle it properly at his next press conference.

Mr. Forrestal and Mr. Stimson then talked for a few moments. Mr. Stimson reviewed his experience as Governor of the Philippines and Secretary of State and said that it was unthinkable at this time that we give up our bases and our protection in the Pacific. Mr. Forrestal observed that this was a very innocuous statement which he and Secretary Stimson endorsed.

Mr. Truman then approved the statement and handed it back to me.

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