Moscow Embassy Files—500 Berlin Conference

No. 98
The Soviet Assistant Foreign Commissar (Vyshinsky) to the Ambassador in the Soviet Union (Harriman)

top secret

Dear Mr. Ambassador: In reply to your letter of June 231 concerning the preparations for the forthcoming meeting, I wish to state the following.

Since Zehlendorf is in the zone which is subject to eventual occupation by the American forces the question regarding the inspection of the Zehlendorf area should be decided in accordance with the existing agreement on the taking over of the zones of occupation.
With respect to permission for unhindered movement over the automobile road Halle–Berlin of the American means of transport without inquiring in each separate case to the Soviet military authorities, and also permission to increase General Parks’ party which [Page 128] is in Berlin, these questions may be considered after the arrival in Berlin of Marshal Zhukov.

Please accept [etc.]

A. Vyshinski