761.67/7–1245: Telegram

No. 706
The Ambassador in the United Kingdom ( Winant ) to the Acting Secretary of State


7050. Turkish FonMin Saka called on Eden yesterday. (Sent Dept as 7050; repeated Ankara as 66; repeated Moscow as 247.) Today at FonOff we were shown a record of talk.

Saka, according to record characterized recent Sovie[t] approaches to Turks as “sinister”. With reference to the June 7 conversation between Molotov and the Turkish Ambassador in Moscow Saka said that he believed that fourth but unspecified matter mentioned by Molotov was nothing less than a Soviet desire to bring Turkey economically and politically into the Russian orbit.

Saka was told that in judging recent Soviet moves one should not lose sight of the tactics usually resorted to by Soviets. For bargaining purposes requests were often expressed by them in extreme terms. Saka was also reminded that following June 7 talks between Molotov and Turkish Ambassador British Govt had entered a “caveat” at Moscow Gerroi [ FonOff?].

Saka asked whether revision of Montreux Convention and related matters would be discussed at Big Three meeting. He was told that it was planned to discuss these matters. It could not be foreseen how these discussions would develop. It was felt, however that the question of revision of the Montreux Convention and the question of bases and territorial changes should be kept separately and be dealt with separately.