761.67/7–745: Telegram

No. 701
The Ambassador in Turkey ( Wilson ) to the Acting Secretary of State

top secret

926. Secy General of FonOff 1 asked me to call on him yesterday. He referred to info given me previously re second MolotovSarper conversation on June 18 in which a statement was reported as having been made by Molotov that he might wish to present point of view of Balkan States (my 844, June 222).

Açikalin said that on receipt foregoing report Turk Govt cabled Sarper instructing not to discuss proposals which Soviet Union might put forward on behalf of Balkan States. A reply had been received from Sarper from which it appeared there had been a garble in his cable reporting June 18 conversation and there had in fact been no mention of Balkan States in conversation. Sarper made it clear that what Molotov had said was that if there should be any question of concluding a treaty of alliance with Turkey it would be necessary for Turk Govt to examine [apparent omission] as well as the demands which Molotov had presented “certain considerations” which Soviet Govt would wish to formulate.

[Page 1044]

Açikalin said there was no info regarding nature of these “considerations” which Soviet Govt would in the case contemplated wish to present. It was possible they might relate to Balkan questions or they might not. Sent to Dept rptd to Moscow as 57. In any case he wished to clear up this point and to explain that it had been due to garbled telegram.

  1. Cvat M. Açikalin.
  2. Document No. 686.