Leahy Papers: Telegram

No. 7
Prime Minister Churchill to President Truman 1

top secret

Prime Minister to President Truman. Personal and top secret. Number 46. Your number 36.2

F. D. R.3 promised me he would visit England before he went to France or, as it has now become, Germany. We should feel disappointed if you did not come to us. But having regard to the gravity of the next few months, no question of ceremonial should intervene with the organized sequence of events. Therefore I am for the conference of the three as soon as possible and wherever possible.
In this case I consider that we should try to bring the meeting off some time in June, and I hope your fiscal year will not delay it. We greatly hope you will come to England later.
I agree that our Ambassadors should do their utmost to induce Stalin to propose the meeting, and instructions will be given accordingly by us. I doubt very much whether he will accede. Time is on his side if he digs in while we melt away.
I look forward to your meeting with Eden[.]

  1. Sent by the United States Military Attaché, London, via Army channels.
  2. Document No. 5.
  3. i. e., Roosevelt.