761.6711/7–545: Telegram

No. 698
The Ambassador in Turkey ( Wilson ) to the Under Secretary of State ( Grew )1


916. Personal for Under Secy Grew.

You may recall that when you presented to President Truman on April 25 a group of us who were going to the field, in ensuing conversation when the President asked me questions about Turkey I said in part the following: that a month previously Soviet Union had denounced treaty of friendship with Turkey and there were indications that a possibly serious situation might arise between the two countries. I said that from such info as I had gathered it would seem that if USSR desired modification of convention governing passage of Straits Turkey would take a cooperative and reasonable attitude. On other hand, if Soviet Union should make demands affecting Turkish independence then Turkey would resist. I said that it seemed to me that in view of fact eastern Europe had been lost to USSR, our interests in Middle East as well as our general interest [Page 1042] in world cooperation and security should lead us to support Turkey in resisting demands affecting independence, in the event such demands should be made.

The President replied that he agreed and thought that we should do this.

I hope that in view present menacing situation as regards Turkey, you will think it wise to bring all relevant aspects of this situation to attention of President before Big Three meeting.

  1. Sent to the Secretary of State.