761.6711/6–2245: Telegram

No. 696
The Under Secretary of State (Grew) to the Ambassador in Turkey (Wilson)1

top secret

673. Personal for the Ambassador from Grew.

In order to clear up any misunderstanding which might result from the statement of the Acting Turkish Foreign Minister as reported in your 844 of June 22, 6 p.m.2 to the effect that I had indicated to Halifax that I personally viewed with sympathy British proposal to have the United States join the British in a démarche at Moscow I want you to know that when the British Charge [Minister] spoke to me about the matter on June 183 I said I would give immediate attention to the British Government’s proposal but that I could make no commitment until this whole subject had been given careful study here.

  1. Sent over the signature of Byrnes.
  2. Document No. 686.
  3. See document No. 683.