881.00/7–1445: Telegram

No. 677
The Ambassador in the United Kingdom ( Winant ) to the Acting Secretary of State 1

us urgent

7114. Hoyer Millar discussing Tangier today said Dutch have now drawn attention with some force to their interest, while Portuguese and Belgians have registered interest. He added Churchill now interesting himself from Hendaye2 and that position British Government is nothing can be done until after Big Three meeting. In Paris he said Meyrier now talks of French preliminary conversations with British, Russian, American Governments separately attempting reconcile views and contemplates early meeting thereafter. British probably will discourage this and consider early meeting out of question. They think of meeting some time in August.

Possibility withdrawal Spanish and occupation by Shereefian troops during this delay was discussed as unlikely but Millar surmised such situation if followed by a tactful French approach to the interested powers would not be received too badly. Such coup might relieve Spanish embarrassment resulting from Soviet request and simultaneously improve relations with France. Millar evidently has some thought of meeting [of] all statutory powers to discuss means bringing United States and Russia into Tangier settlement.

This largely conjecture and personal opinion but two certain facts are British cannot visualize meeting before Big Three Conference and consider using Tangier as bargaining counter with Russia.

Sent to Department as 7114, repeated to Paris as 456 Madrid as 185 and Tangier as 43.

  1. The gist of this message was included in telegram No. 35 of July 16 from Grew to Byrnes (file No. 800.00 Summaries/7–1645).
  2. Where Churchill was vacationing before the Berlin Conference.