881.00/7–545: Telegram

No. 668
The Ambassador in Spain (Armour) to the Secretary of State


1452. Under Secy of FonAffs yesterday spoke to me of the Ministry’s receipt of official reports concerning the Soviet démarche demanding representation at the tripartite conversations on Tangier now in progress at Paris. Del Castillo strongly denounced this development and said that the Ministry had telegraphed Span Emb at London instructing that Brit FonOff be informed that whereas Spain would welcome conversations with Americans Brit and French looking to reestablishment of an international regime at Tangier the matter would not be discussed by Spain with any other power. While the instruction to London may not have named Russia his conversational emphasis left no doubt as to his meaning[.]

Deptel 1116, July 3.1

The Brit Chargé d’Affaires2 later had a similar conversation and is reporting to his Govt.

Rptd to London as 433, Paris as 366, Tangier as 79.

Span position remains as reported that return to Tangier statute as amended is undesirable (principally as opening way to Russian participation in administration and as restoring French to dominating position; secondarily as returning Italy to participation) and that the new international administration should be restricted to Great Brit, France, Spain and the US.

  1. Not printed.
  2. Reginald James Bowker.