881.00/6–2645: Telegram

No. 658
The Ambassador in the United Kingdom ( Winant ) to the Acting Secretary of State


6429. Informal discussions at the FO yesterday re Tangier showed considerable similarity in Amer and Brit viewpoints. The Brit intend to present the French Emb tomorrow with a copy of their draft agreement for an interim regime and proposed amendments to the statute in order that these documents may be considered by the French Govt before opening of conversations in Paris July 2. (See Embtel 6189, June 19 and despatch 23896, June 251).

The Brit propose an addition to Article 2 of the draft agreement to the effect that a copy of the agreement would be communicated to the Govt of the US (probably by the French Govt), with the request that the US state whether it is willing to participate under the terms of the agreement in the administration of the Tangier zone. The Amer reply could embody any desired stipulations or reservations. In this way the negotiation of separate notes would be avoided and time would be saved. Please instruct if this method of associating ourselves with the provisional regime meets with the Dept’s approval.

[Page 988]

Info is desired as to the possibility of financing an Amer contribution to the proposed temporary credit under Article 7 through the President’s emergency fund or other sources.

The Italian Emb has approached the FO on the Tangier question. (Sent to Dept as 6429; rptd to Paris as 402). The Brit position is that the interim agreement shall be open to accession by the Italian Govt at such time as may be agreed upon by the other parties, but it is not desired that Italy become a party to this or any similar international agreement until the treaty of peace with Italy has been signed. It is suggested that this might likewise be the attitude of the US Govt.

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