881.00/6–2345: Telegram

No. 654
The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador in France (Caffery)

most immediate

2909. News of proposed conversations with Brit and French re Tangier has recd so much attention in the press that it will prove extremely embarrassing if Department cannot issue official press release on the subject very soon.

It is important that a decision be reached at earliest possible moment re place where conversations are to be held. USSR should be informed as soon as choice of place is made to the effect that “informal conversations are being held between Brit, French and American Govts and USSR will be kept fully informed”. We feel that the [Page 986] Govt in the country in which the conversations are to be held might properly take the initiative in this respect.

Please bring this matter to attention of FonOff immediately and report developments.

L[oy] W H[enderson]