867n.01/7–1445: Telegram

No. 650
The Ambassador in the United Kingdom (Winant) to the Acting Secretary of State


7126. In discussing Palestine situation head of Eastern Dept of FonOff1 observed that there are two outstanding points:

It had always been understood that nothing definite would be done about Palestine until the end of the war in Europe. That point has now been reached and it is being asked what the next step is to be.
Immigration quotas are running out and will be completely exhausted by November. Before that date the Brit Govt will consequently have to make “a very important decision” and regardless of what is done trouble will almost certainly follow since it will be extremely difficult to avoid arousing either the Jews or the Arabs. No such decision has yet been taken and it is not even clear whether it will be of a long or short term nature. The probabilities are, however, that it will be a short term plan designed principally to meet the immigration problem and that decision will be deferred until the post election Govt has had time to consider that matter.

Sent to Dept as 7126 repeated to Jerusalem as 2.

  1. Charles William Baxter.