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No. 617
Memorandum by the United States Chiefs of Staff1
top secret
C. C. S. 842/1

French and Dutch Participation in the War Against Japan

The United States Chiefs of Staff have considered the proposals put forward by the Representatives of the British Chiefs of Staff in C. C. S. 8422 and agree in principle that the Combined Chiefs of Staff might now state a general over-all policy with regard to French and Dutch participation in the war against Japan. They consider that such a policy should be stated as follows:—
While it is at present impossible for French or Netherlands armed forces to play a major part in Far Eastern operations, the desire of the French/Dutch to join with us in the war against Japan and the possible provision of such assistance in the struggle in the Pacific which may be synchronized with operations already planned or under way will be taken into account by the Combined Chiefs of Staff. No French or Netherlands forces will be accepted for operations unless it has been previously agreed that complete control of such forces will be vested in the commander in chief concerned and their actual employment will be determined by him solely on military grounds. The actual use of any force must depend solely on military considerations.
In implementing this policy the Combined Chiefs of Staff undertake to give the French/Netherlands representatives timely information of their intentions in respect of any operations that will directly affect French/Netherlands territories or armed forces in the Far East.
The United States Chiefs of Staff consider that the draft letter in the Enclosure to C. C. S. 842 should be amended accordingly.
It is recommended that the Combined Chiefs of Staff:—
Accept the policy stated in paragraph 1 above.
Dispatch the attached memorandum (Enclosure) to the French/Netherlands representatives.
top secret

Memorandum to the French and Netherlands Representatives to the Combined Chiefs of Staff

The Combined Chiefs of Staff have given consideration to the question of French/Netherlands participation in the war against Japan and wish to inform you of their views which are as follows:—

[Here follow paragraphs 1a and 1b of the covering memorandum.]

  1. Considered by the Combined Chiefs of Staff at their 195th Meeting, July 18. See vol. ii, p. 83.
  2. Of April 25. Not printed.