740.00119 Control (Italy) /6–2445: Telegram

No. 569
The Ambassador in Italy (Kirk) to the Acting Secretary of State
us urgent

2749. Re our immediately preceding tel1 and your 607, June 22.2 When Gen Morgan reported to AFHQ signature of agreement with Yugos he made no ref to exception re Art. 3 and Belgrade learned of it before ourselves because Col Clarke Brit Mil Attaché Belgrade was present during negotiations and kept Brit Ambass[ador] Belgrade3 fully informed. On Morgan’s return to AFHQ when we asked for text as set forth in our 2725, June 224 he withheld copy until he could “explain” text. He did not mention reservation re Art 3 of Belgrade agreement until he held meeting referred to in our 2725. Text of Yugo reservation has already been sent to Dept5

. . . . . . .

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