860h.00/7–1045: Telegram

No. 555
The Ambassador in France (Caffery) to the Acting Secretary of State

4134. Following is substance of remarks made to Lane today by Maček, president of Croatian Peasant Party:

Yugo today is Communist dictatorship. No democracy in Anglo-Saxon sense of word. Of eleven members comprising Croatian Federal Government at Zagreb only two are of Croatian Peasant Party, remaining nine all Communists. As Peasant Parties are strongest bulwark against Communism they are being liquidated in Yugo, Bulgaria, Rumania, and Poland. Compares future position of Mikołajczyk in Poland to present position of Šubašić who has no power. Little by little prestige of Mik[ołajczyk] will be diminished by Communists. Maćek has not been allowed to see Šubašić nor is he aware of details of agreement between Tito and Šubašić. Believes that if Yugo which never Communist inclined has been dominated it will be far easier for Communists to dominate Italy and France both of which are ripe for Communism. Considers European situation desperate but still willing cooperate with Tito provided a real democracy based on free elections were restored.

Anxious to proceed to London to consult King Peter and Krnjević but British obstructing his trip.