Leahy Papers: Telegram

No. 54
President Truman to Prime Minister Churchill 1

top secret

62. Your No. 752 is received and I appreciate your agreement with my proposed date.

Mr. Davies has reported fully to me upon the matters discussed.3 Engagements made and the accumulation of important matters, incident to the close of the fiscal year made it impossible for me to meet earlier than July fifteenth.

Your position as to the simultaneous character of the first meeting as reported by Mr. Davies I can readily understand and gladly concur with it.

The cooperation which I am assured you will extend connected with the purposes which I had in mind and which you appreciate and understand will be a helpful contribution to unity.

The discussions of the specific situation explored by Mr. Davies and Mr. Eden have also been fully reported4 and have been helpful to me. Thank you and Foreign Minister Eden for your courtesies to him.

  1. Presumably sent to the United States Naval Attaché, London, via Navy channels.
  2. document No. 53.
  3. See document No. 33.
  4. See document No. 34.