811.79661/6–3045: Telegram

No. 532
The Ambassador in the Soviet Union (Harriman) to the Secretary of State ad interim

2353. Vyshinski and I discussed yesterday our air communications with Moscow. He stated that Soviet planes were now flying daily between Moscow and Berlin and agreed that as soon as our army had taken over Tempelhof Airdrome and was flying transport planes regularly to Berlin from the west there was no reason why a connection should not be made to take our passengers and mail to and from Moscow. As a matter of fact members of the Reparations Commission have already been accorded Soviet air facilities from Berlin connecting with an Amer plane. Vyshinski suggested that the technical and adm details could be worked out promptly. Gen Deane has telegraphed Gen Eisenhower’s staff to approach the Russians in Berlin in this connection and the MilMis here is attempting to discuss the matter with the Soviet air authorities.

The Dept may wish to keep the foregoing in mind in order to be prepared to abandon immediately the long and slow Tehran courier service as soon as this new route is open.