800.4016 DP/6–2945: Telegram

No. 530
The Acting Secretary of State to the Assistant to the President’s Personal Representative at Vatican City ( Tittmann )

89. Under terms of Yalta Agreement US policy is to repatriate to Soviet Union all claimants of Soviet citizenship whose claims are accepted by Soviet authorities. In practice this means (urtel 119 May 231) that Soviet citizens originating from within 1939 boundaries of Soviet Union are repatriated irrespective of individual wishes. US Govt has not recognized incorporation Baltic States into Soviet Union—Lithuanians, Latvians and Estonians are not considered Soviet citizens by this Govt. It is contrary to US policy to facilitate the involuntary repatriation of Baltic nationals (urtel 118 May 222) Poles, Croats and Slovenes (urtel 116 May 191) and Slovaks (Your A–7 June 161).

. . . . . . .

In answer to inquiries you are authorized to state that in principle it is contrary to US Govt policy to facilitate the involuntary repatriation of displaced persons other than Germans not covered by the Yalta Agreement.

G[eorge] L W[arren]
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