740.0011 EW/7–1545

No. 508
The Second Secretary of Embassy in the United Kingdom (Thompson) to the Assistant Secretary of State (Dunn)1


Subject: Poland (Outstanding Questions)

Mr. Dunn: The British apparently contemplate asking for some assurance of the right of Polish political parties to take part in elections in Poland.

In view of the fact that our Ambassador is expected to arrive in Warsaw shortly, it is suggested that the question of Polish elections not be raised at this meeting. Upon the basis of Mr. Lane’s reports we may wish at a later date to make some concrete proposals on this subject to the Soviets but any attempt to raise the matter here in general terms would almost certainly result in a strong Soviet rebuff and would probably unduly arouse Soviet suspicions.

One step which we might profitably take would be to press for the early establishment of consulates in Poland which would put us in a better position to observe conditions in Poland and to exert our influence for free elections.

  1. Printed from the ribbon copy, which is unsigned.