860c.01/7–645: Telegram

No. 506
The Ambassador in the United Kingdom (Winant) to the Secretary of State
us urgent

6836. We were told today by FO official directly concerned Polish affairs that Hankey will leave for Warsaw July 10.

Same official said that Interim Treasury Committee for Polish Questions which will be appointed to liquidate Polish civilian ministries will consist of one Pole for each of ministries to be liquidated acting under Brit supervision. The list of Poles finally approved contains alterations made at request of Mikołajczyk supporters. (Sent to Dept as 6836; rptd to Paris for Lane as 441) FO official emphasized, however, that Poles on committee have no official representative status but will act merely as advisors to Brit on liquidation. Some Polish Ministries, particularly Ministry of Information, are considered already to have been liquidated. Work to be done by committee will include payment of pension to Polish ex-soldiers, social security benefits to civilians, grants to students and discharge of similar continuing obligations, pending agreement for assumption of such obligations by new Polish Govt.

We were also told that like arrangements are being negotiated by service ministries with Polish armed forces. Brit intention is to keep Polish units in organized status for time being but to liquidate or at least reduce Polish General Staff and higher command echelons as soon as possible.

The foregoing arrangements have been effected mostly by oral agreements. Emb is attempting to secure text of agreement re assumption by Brit Govt of Polish leases in London,1 however, and will forward if released by FO.

  1. Not printed