860c.01/7–445: Telegram

No. 500
The Ambassador in the United Kingdom (Winant) to the Secretary of State
us urgent

6714. Warner has expressed to us FonOff’s deep appreciation of agreement to postpone temporarily recognition of new Polish Govt. (Depths 5385 July 3, 4 p.m.1) This gives FonOff, Warner said, some much needed additional time to complete as far as possible arrangements for meeting problems arising from withdrawal of recognition from London Poles. Warner mentioned specifically in this connection the servicing of Polish troops and refugees. Up to now, he said, this has been done by Polish Govt agencies in London “with our money”. This activity can now be only partially liquidated. To work out a plan to carry on under proper safeguards what remains of it is a complicated matter. FonOff is very anxious, Warner added, to ensure such a measure of control so that representatives of new [Page 735] Polish Govt in London cannot complain that means remain here through which old Polish group can disseminate “propaganda”.

Sent Dept as 6714; rptd Moscow as 233.

  1. Not printed.