Truman Papers: Telegram

No. 498
Prime Minister Churchill to President Truman 1
top secret

Prime Minister to President Truman. Number 101. Personal and top secret.

I was surprised by your number 83,2 giving me only a few hours’ notice of your decision to recognize the new Polish Government. Our position is different from yours. The old Polish Government is seated here in London, with officials and very large staffs. It administers a Polish army of 170,000 men, whose attitude has to be carefully considered. It is, of course, our intention to recognize the new government, but we should hope that some consideration could be shown to us in meeting difficulties which you, in no way, share. We had been hoping to give the London Poles at least twenty-four hours’ notice, which seems only reasonable, as they have to tell all their employees about their immediate future, and that three months’ salary will be paid, etc.
I would, therefore, ask you whether you would not substitute 7:00 p.m. Eastern War Time, July 4th for July 3rd. If you feel unable to do this, I fear there can be no synchronization.
  1. Sent by the United States Military Attaché London, via Army channels.
  2. Document No. 497.