860c.01/6–3045: Telegram

No. 495
The Ambassador in Italy (Kirk) to the Secretary of State ad interim
top secret

2826. We were informed by Broad this morning that he lunched with Anders at latter’s HQ yesterday and talked to him along lines of his instructions from FonOff as briefly set forth in our 2795, June 28.1

Our Brit colleague stated Anders listened most politely to what he, Broad, had to say and expressed his appreciation for latter’s kindness in taking trouble to call on him. Polish Commander then requested Broad to forgive him in advance if he spoke to him frankly. He went on to say neither he nor his troops could possibly accept as genuine Polish Govt so-called govt recently set up in Moscow. They [Page 731] had no illusions about Russian game. In his opinion only responsible, honest Pole in that group was Grabski, who was 80 years of age. He personally felt settlement made was part of present Russian policy to make concessions at this time in order better to advance their cause at later date. He said he expected Russians to cooperate with western powers to limited extent until Amer and Brit troops were withdrawn from continent Europe and until substantial Brit and Amer credits and assistance were obtained. In his opinion Russians were fully aware of eagerness of Brit and Amer capitalists to accept large orders from USSR. He added Russians would amaze world with speed with which they would be able rebuild destroyed industries and rehabilitate their country in general, thanks to Brit and Amer aid. They would also squeeze heavy price from US and Great Brit for proper behavior in Far East. Anders said he could not in all honesty advise any decent Pole to return Poland at this time. He himself was convinced that Stalin desired control whole of Europe and he thought Red Army would be on march in eight or ten years against western powers. He himself preferred keep his excellent army of 100,000 men together in Italy and wait and see. He commented he hoped US and Great Brit would eventually abandon wishful thinking which was now controlling their policies with regard to USSR and would recognize reality that Stalin like Hitler would not stop, but could only be stopped.

Anders requested Broad inform Alexander and Brit Govt that he would, of course, hold his army in good order in spite recent agreement in Moscow on Polish Govt so long as no agents of newly formed Polish Govt were sent to Italy to propagandize among his troops or to Mid-East to agitate among families of members his army.