860c.01/6–2645: Telegram

No. 490
The Ambassador in the Soviet Union (Harriman) to the Acting Secretary of State

2274. …

. . . . . . .

I discussed with Bierut specifically the points raised in Dept’s 1382, June 22, 7 p.m.2Bierut said that our reps would be given every opportunity to travel within Poland and see what they wished.

I emphasized the importance of rapid communications between our Emb in Warsaw and Wash. Bierut said the Govt was working on this and anxious to establish direct radio communication with the US. I explained that we now had regular trans-Atlantic air service to England, France Frankfurt and Stockholm and that we would wish to establish an Amer connecting service with one of these points and Warsaw. Bierut said he understood the importance of air communications with Amer and that these arrangements could be worked out after our Amb’s arrival in Warsaw. He said that the port of Danzig would be open by July 1 and suggested that UNRRA and other shipments from Amer should be delivered to that port. He agreed to the dispatch of naval officers from the mil mission here to Danzig and Gdynia to inspect present condition of facilities and is anxious for these officers to discuss with Polish authorities the requirements of those two ports.

I mentioned the value of the establishment of Amer consular offices in Poland and Polish consulates in the US and suggested that the details could be settled when our Amb arrives in Warsaw. Bierut agreed.

I had previously raised with Gomulka the question of Amer correspondents in Poland and had been assured that the Polish Govt desired Amer correspondents in Poland as soon as diplomatic relations were established.

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During the conversation I had the opportunity to ask Bierut directly whether it was their intention to adopt the Russian attitude of suspicion towards foreigners or to continue Poland’s traditional attitude of free relationship with the western countries. He replied without hesitation that the latter would be the policy of the govt and emphasized the admiration that all Poles had for America and hoped for close and friendly relations with the US in all fields. It is my feeling that Bierut is sincere in his statements, but I cannot predict to what extent the Russians will attempt to put a brake on Polish desires for open contact with the west.

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