860c.01/6–2345: Telegram

No. 487
The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador in the Soviet Union (Harriman)
us urgent—niact

1389. The President has approved in principle recommendation that we recognize the new Polish Provisional Government of National Unity. (ReDept 1370, June 22.1)

As soon as it is announced that the new Government is functioning in Poland (paragraph c of your 2231, June 232), the Secretary will telegraph to the Polish Minister of Foreign Affairs in Warsaw informing him that the US Government has decided to recognize the new Government. It is then planned to have the President announce that we have accorded recognition to the new Government.

In this connection, Dept also proposes that in making this announcement the President reiterate the provisions of the Yalta agreement to the effect that the new Polish Provisional Government of National Unity shall be pledged to hold free and unfettered elections on the basis of universal suffrage and secret ballot. The President will also announce that Ambassador Lane and his staff will proceed to Warsaw as soon as possible.

Dept hopes that before the foregoing steps are taken you will have had an opportunity to obtain the assurances outlined in Dept 1382, June 22.3

Repeated to London as 5062 of June 23.