868.00/7–1445: Telegram

No. 463
The Ambassador in Greece (MacVeagh) to the Acting Secretary of State

708. Prime Minister’s broadcast June [July] 12 following Salonika visit (my telegram 695, July 101) insisted complete quiet prevails northern Greece and no “arbitrary acts” have occurred Greek side border. Stated Greece has “strong allies and sincere friends” and expressed confidence Greek integrity and national claims not endangered. Strongly condemned Bulgarian war atrocities but stressed cordial relations Yugoslav Greek peoples and added official Yugoslav Greek relations will improve when “freely elected” representatives can meet. Local press public opinion exception KKE (Communist Party) applaud PriMins firm moderate stand. KKE organs reprint speech without comment.

Referring general situation, ex ELAS (National Popular Liberation Army) General Bakirdzis following conference with KKE chief Zachariades told OSS agent Athens July 10 “Russia will take positive action to obtain stronger hold over Turkey regardless of what Britain does”. Correlating this with Belgrade reports, OSS feels agitation Greek frontier may be smoke screen conceal preparation attack Turkey.