860h.9111 RR/7–945: Telegram

No. 460
The Chargé in Yugoslavia ( Shantz ) to the Acting Secretary of State

251. Borba and Politika July 8 feature speeches of government officials at meetings throughout Serbia on anniversary of Partisan uprising in 1941. …

. . . . . . .

Borba prints three-column editorial against expansionist threat of “leading political circles in Greece” and prints Greek map showing a greater Greece including Yugoslav Macedonia, half of Albania and Bulgaria, and all of European Turkey. Editorialist Blagojević concludes: “The peoples of Yugoslavia, Albania and Bulgaria naturally cannot be indifferent to the course of events in Greece today. The extensive Fascist reign of terror imposed upon the minorities of Greece and open imperialist propaganda directed against the integrity of neighboring Balkan countries brings into question relations between our countries and Greece during a fairly pressing phase which demands a speedy solution.”

. . . . . . .