740.00119 Control (Bulgaria)/6–3045: Telegram

No. 457
The Ambassador in Italy (Kirk) to the Secretary of State ad interim
top secret

2823. Gen Oxley head Brit Del ACC Bulgaria (our 2814, June 291) reports he is informed Russian division completed crossing of Danube at Ruse about three days ago and moved southward towards Trinova and Shumen. Oxley’s tentative estimate of Russian troops in Bulgar is ten divs located roughly as follows:

Two divs Varna Burgas; two divs Sliven Kotel area; one div between Yambol and Turk frontier; one div Khaskovo Nomchilgrad; one div Plovdiv area; one div along road south from Gorna Dzhumaya; probably at least two divs north of Balkan Mountains. General opinion is that there are now 200,000 Soviet troops in Bulgar.

Oxley’s msg stated that in spite of doubtful veracity of many sources of info today, above is probably fair picture of situation and it is impossible to obtain any more accurate info.