860h.9111 RR/6–2545: Telegram

No. 455
The Chargé in Yugoslavia (Shantz) to the Acting Secretary of State

201. Current Macedonian press campaign is continued with lengthy editorial in Borba for 25 June strongly condemning “Fascist reign of terror in Aegean Macedonia.” Methods used by EDES are compared to those of Hitler’s SS troops as well as those used by Greek reactionaries in latter half nineteenth century. Editorial states “attitude of Pan Greek Fascists toward those people (Macedonians) also includes unfriendliness toward Tito’s Yugoslavia and democratic achievements gained by our people in our war of liberation.” It is asserted that ample indications of Greek intentions are provided by slogans used by Greek terrorists such as “to Bitolj” or “we want all of Macedonia.” Editorial concludes that these provocations aim at justifications of Greek Government’s program “to liquidate anti-Fascist forces in Greece” but it is asserted that examples of Istria, Carinthia and Slovene Littoral are proof that Slavs cannot be eradicated. Editorial invokes Atlantic Charter1 and Crimean2 and Tehran declarations3 in appealing for security of Greek Macedonia. Speech by Macedonian Bane Andreev, Minister for Mines in national Yugoslav Government, reproduced in Politika for 24 June contains following remarks: “Boundary of Macedonia Istria; boundary of Serbia is Djevdjelia and beyond.”

. . . . . . .

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