868.00/7–1145: Telegram

No. 450
The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Greece ( MacVeagh )
us urgent—niact

670. Brit FonOff telegram July 91 to Brit Emb Washington repeated to Athens is favorable reply to Depts aide-mémoire 2 summarized paragraph 3 Deptel 641 July 5.3 Brit Emb Athens being authorized make text or paraphrase available to you.

Briefly Brit accept proposal that invitations to supervise Greek elections be issued to Soviet and French Govts by US and UK Govts instead of by Greek Govt though procedure not strictly in accordance Varkiza Agreement.

Brit are “strongly opposed” to advising Greek Govt to hold elections before plebiscite as “this is essentially a matter of Greek internal politics and should be settled by them”[.] Brit consider essential issuance invitations this week in order matter be discussed at imminent Big Three conversations and are in favor including France. Dept agrees and you are therefore authorized to approach Greek Govt along lines outlined Deptel 641,4 omitting suggestion that elections precede plebiscite. However, if you think advisable you may informally indicate to Greek Govt that Dept perceives no objection to modifying, reversing, or combining procedures for plebiscite and elections if mutually agreed upon by Greeks themselves.

As soon as Dept advised of Greek acceptance of principle, arrangements will be made for presentation to Soviet at Big Three meeting. Contemplated that US and UK Ambassadors in Paris5 will make simultaneous approach to French Govt. Dept will probably take steps in consultation with Brit Govt to issue public statement, as Depts memo on this subject approved by President states “it is believed important also that our willingness to fulfill the obligations we have assumed with reference to the areas in question should be made explicit and public”[.]6

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