860f.4016/7–445: Telegram

No. 441
The Acting Secretary of State to the Chargé in Czechoslovakia (Klieforth)

54. Please deliver note along following lines to Zecho Govt (urtel 44 June 281 and 59 July 42):

US Govt acknowledges receipt of Zecho note of July 33 concerning transfer of German and Hungarian minorities. US Govt has already made its views known to Zecho Govt in note of Jan 31, 1945.4 At that time US Govt stated it fully appreciated injuries suffered by Zecho at hands of Germans and German minority during past decade and was prepared to examine question in effort to arrive at satisfactory solution. US pointed out that solution will have to take into account broader aspects of problem in relation to future peace and security in Europe as well as particular problems facing Govts responsible for military occupation in Germany.

In view of importance of questions of minority transfers for European peace as a whole, US Govt believes that transfers as proposed in Zecho notes Nov 23, 19445 and July 3, 1945 should be carried out only on organized lines and in accordance with international agreement. US also appreciates importance attached by Zecho Govt to early solution of problem as basis for national rehabilitation and reconstruction. Therefore US Govt is gratified that Zecho Govt is preparing plan for organized transfer of minority population which will take into account particular problems facing Allied powers. If [Page 650] plan is presented immediately upon completion to Control Council Germany and Allied Control Commission Hungary, US Govt confident it will receive immediate consideration by states represented on these bodies and will be discussed with appropriate Zecho authorities. End of summary.

For your background information and possible informal communication in your discretion to Pres Beneš, US delegation to Big Three briefed to discuss this question in relation to whole minority problem.

H[enry] P L[everich]
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