740.00119 (Control) Germany/7–1245: Telegram

No. 412
The Ambassador in the United Kingdom (Winant) to the Acting Secretary of State 1
top secret
us urgent

7069. Tonight EAC held lengthy inconclusive discussion new Soviet proposal for final paragraph report on French zone in Germany re delimitation of French Berlin area out of US and UK areas only (mytel 6997, July 11, repeated Murphy 342) Comea 336. Sent Dept 7069 repeated Murphy as 35. Present position is that Soviet delegation has authorit[y] conclude French zone agreement only with addition new Soviet formula. US and UK representatives continue oppose any formulae stating that French area will be formed out of US and UK areas. French representative3 eager to conclude agreement on any basis satisfactory to other three delegations.

To offset Soviet information re degree of destruction in Soviet area in Berlin allegedly received yesterday from Marshal Zhukov, US delegation should have from US representative in Berlin information re destruction in US and other areas. US and UK representatives promised at close of meeting ask for such information. Naturally I urged omission all reference to question whether French area will be formed from three or only two areas. At close of meeting I offered following formula for final sentence of report: “The commission hopes shortly to present to four govts recommendation re delimitation of the French area in Berlin.” Soviet representative promised to report fully to his govt on this proposal but obviously has little hope through own action of securing reversal of formal instruction received yesterday from Moscow.

I also proposed that EAC sign agreement as so far determined leaving question of delimitation of French Berlin area to a supplementary [Page 603] agreement. Soviet delegate opposed dividing agreement in two.

I believe it would now be wise for our military authorities in Berlin to examine concretely whether delimitation of French area requires adjustment of all three present areas because of physical conditions. Such recommendations from US military authorities in Berlin supported by substantial evidence would greatly facilitate conclusion agreement on French zone. Naturally we have preferred referring this decision to Control Council but we have at present no means of moving Soviet delegation from position of insisting that formula referring the question to Control Council shall include statement that French area is to be formed out of UK and US areas only.

  1. The gist of this message was included in an unnumbered communication of July 13 sent by Grew to Byrnes by pouch (file No. 740.00119 Potsdam/7–1345)
  2. Document No. 411.
  3. René Massigli.