840.6363/7–1245: Telegram

No. 385
The Acting Representative in Rumania (Melbourne) to the Acting Secretary of State
us urgent

465. In connection with negotiations relative creation Soviet-Rumanian petroleum company (reference my telegram 456 of July 81) I have just received from a reliable source copy of letter dated July 3 addressed to Prime Minister Groza by General Susaikov as Deputy President of AIC [ ACC ] which in English translation reads as follows:

“This is to bring to your knowledge that the shares of the Rumanian petroleum societies which belonged to the Germans, enumerated in the annexed table, pass into the patrimony of the Soviet Union as partial compensation for damages caused to USSR by Germany.

“In view of this please take the necessary measures on behalf of Rumanian Govt to turn over the rights to the above mentioned shares to Government of the USSR which has charged the association ‘UCR Petrol’ to take over these shares”.

Following is annexed list of companies followed by the value of shares: Buna Speranta—14,900,000; Explora—59,100,000; IRDP—115,500,000; Columbia—325,000,000; Concordia—755,800,000; Meotica Romana—21,300,000; Petrol Block—285,500,000; SARDEP—43,300,000; SARPetrol—3,490,000; [T]ranspetrol—4,500,000; Continental—100,000,000;[.]

It was previously reported that during discussions Cruticov informed Tatarescu it has been agreed upon at Yalta that USSR should have undisputed disposition over shares of all German interests in Rumanian petroleum companies including “Concordia and Columbia” but, it will be noted, no mention is made of this in Susaikov’s letter.

It is believed Department will desire repeat text this telegram to Moscow.

  1. Not printed.