740.00119 EW/6–2645: Telegram

No. 359
The Acting Secretary of State to the Representative on the Allied Commission on Reparations ( Pauley )
us urgent

1420. For Pauley.

Following message sent to Eisenhower from JCS at President’s request, June 23, 1945. Refer to our 1407, June 23.1

“The President has approved a recommendation made by Ambassador Pauley that any removals of property from territories under the control of US forces in Germany and Austria for the purpose of restitution should first be submitted by you for the approval of the US Representative on the Reparation Commission. Such coordination is essential because of the close relationship between restitution and broad questions of reparation policy.

However, the President has expressed the view that such coordination with respect to restitution should not operate to delay unduly (1) the return of works of art to the countries from which they were obtained, or (2) the removal from Germany, as restitution or otherwise, of goods urgently needed for the economic restoration of Allied countries. To assure efficient coordination, the President has instructed Ambassador Pauley to make available to you a member of his staff with authority to act promptly on matters submitted by you.”

E[mile] D[espres]
  1. Not printed.