740.00119 (Potsdam)/7–1245

No. 348
United States Delegation Working Paper1

German Import Program

It is proposed that the U. S. S. R., the U. K. and the U. S. instruct their respective Commanders to recommend in the Control Council the immediate formulation of a single program of minimum required imports for Germany as a whole. Such a program shall include provision for equitable inter-zonal distribution of supplies available within Germany, so as to minimize the net deficit for, and imports into, Germany as a whole. Ration scales, and the standards for the determination of minimum requirements, shall be uniform among the several zones. Procurement and financing responsibility with respect to imports for Germany as a whole shall be shared on a basis to be negotiated in the Control Council. Reimbursement for any initial net outlays made in connection with the provision of supplies for Germany shall be made from subsequent German exports, and payment for imports shall constitute a first charge on German exports from current production or stocks.

  1. This paper appears as an annex in a variant copy of document No. 214. Cf. vol. ii, document No. 852, footnote 9.