740.00119 Control (Hungary)/7–1345: Telegram

No. 314
The Acting Secretary of State to the Representative in Hungary (Schoenfeld)

185. Dept is in general agreement with your view that three principal Allied Govts should concert their policies under Crimea Declaration to assure to Hungarian people exercise of their right to create democratic institutions of their own choice, and that joint action may be called for in connection with forthcoming elections in Hungary (urtels 165 June 16,1 172 June 18,1 211 June 252). We would not however press for actual supervision of elections by Allied representatives unless it should become apparent that Hungarian authorities intend to conduct them in way which will not allow the people a free choice.

Application of Crimea Declaration in ex-satellite states is on US agenda for forthcoming meeting of heads of Govts, and it is planned that Soviet and Brit Govts will be apprised of our general views on Hungary at that time.

Before that meeting Dept does not believe it advisable to make specific proposal regarding Hungarian elections to Soviet and Brit Govts through regular diplomatic channels.

S[amuel] R[eber]
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  3. Document No. 296.