740.00119 (Potsdam)/6–645

No. 29
Memorandum by the Assistant to the Secretary of State ( Bohlen )

top secret

Memorandum of 6th Conversation at the Kremlin, 6:00 pm June 6

Present: Mr. Hopkins, Ambassador Harriman, Mr. Bohlen
Marshal Stalin, Mr. Molotov, Mr. Pavlov
Subjects: Poland
World Security Organization—Voting Procedure
Red Cross Representatives for Poland
Meeting of Heads of State
General Eisenhower

. . . . . . .

Mr. Hopkins inquired whether Marshal Stalin had any additional comments or observations for him to take to the President in regard to the Far East or whether he felt all aspects had been covered in their talks.

Marshal Stalin replied that the Soviet Government intended to carry out the Crimea decision since it was not their habit to fail to carry out commitments unless there was some special necessity there-for. Marshal Stalin inquired whether the date of the meeting of the three heads of Government had been definitely clarified.

Mr. Hopkins said that he knew the Prime Minister had sent a message to the President2 saying that if necessary he was prepared to agree to July 15th but that he would prefer an earlier date.

Marshal Stalin said in reply to his second message from President Truman 3 he had repeated that July 15th was entirely acceptable to the Soviet Government.4

. . . . . . .

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