740.00119 (Potsdam)/5–2446

No. 253
Briefing Book Paper
top secret

Post-War Government of Korea

types of post-war government

It is envisaged that the post-war government of Korea will be divided into three stages, and [an] Allied Military Government, an interim international supervisory administration and a free and independent Korea.


1. Allied Military Government

The Department of State has recommended that with the completion of military operations in Korea there should be, so far as practicable, Allied representation in the army of occupation and in military government in Korea.

2. Interim International Supervisory Administration

The Department has recommended that an interim international supervisory administration for Korea be established to succeed Allied Military Government in Korea and to function until such time as the Koreans are able to govern themselves.

3. A Free and Independent Korea

The United States, the United Kingdom and China have stated in the Cairo Declaration that they “are determined that in due course Korea shall become free and independent”. This pledge implies that Korea shall be completely free and independent following the termination of the functions of any interim international supervisory authority for Korea.