865.01/7-1545: Telegram

No. 245
The Ambassador in Italy (Kirk) to the Acting Secretary of State 1

1987. The following is a translation of article entitled “the substance of ParriKostilev meeting: USSR godfather to Italy for its admission to the United Nations” which appeared in Il Secolo July 13 a Rome newspaper.

[Page 305]

“If our information is correct and we have good reason to so believe, during the recent meeting between the President of the Council of Ministers Ferruccio Parri and the Soviet Ambassador Kostilev the latter declared in the name of his Government that for the imminent Big Three Potsdam meeting Russia was to first take the initiative and will support unconditionally the admission of Italy among the United Nations. The Soviet Ambassador added that as in January 1944 when Russia was the first to resume regular diplomatic relations with the Italian democracy with the exchange of Ambassadors so now Russia takes the initiative for the admission of Italy among the United Nations.

We can also add from authoritative sources that Russia will do everything possible to assist in the immediate resumption of economic relations between Italy and Poland; the latter in normal times furnished Italy with coal from Polish Silesia lumber, woodpulp and cellulose which were shipped from Gdynia. It is also anticipated that the Moscow Government will facilitate the resumption of trade with Italy particularly by supplying coal from the Donetz basin the nearest to Italy, the quality of which is equal to the best English and American coal”.

Repeat to Treasury for Tasca.

  1. Text repeated in extenso in telegram No. 37 of July 17 from Grew to Byrnes (file No. 865.01/7-1745).