Truman Papers

No. 21
Marshal Stalin to President Truman 1


Personal and secret from Premier J. V. Stalin to President H. S. Truman.

I have received your message2 regarding the arrival of Mr. Hopkins and Ambassador Harriman in Moscow by May 26. I readily accept your proposal to meet Mr. Hopkins and Ambassador Harriman. The date—May 26, is quite convenient for me.

  1. Russian original, accompanied by this translation, transmitted by the Soviet Embassy, Washington. For Russian text, see Πepeписκa Πpeдceдaтeля Cовета Mиниcтрoв CCCP c Πpeзидeнтaми CIIIA и Πpeмьep-Mиниcтрaми Beлиκoбpитaнии вo Bpeмя Beлиκoй Oтeчecтвeннoй Boйнь, 1941–1945 гг. (Moscow, State Publishing House for Political Literature, 1957; Ministry of Foreign Affairs publication), vol. ii, p. 231. Russian texts of the other Stalin-Truman messages printed below in English translation are likewise to be found in Πpeпиcкa, vol. ii.
  2. document No. 20.